At Ulule, we believe in inclusion in entrepreneurship. This is why we joined our forces with EntrePrism to create a special operation to celebrate diversity in the Quebec business ecosystem!

Relive the event

In collaboration with

  • Entreprism

Each month the Pitch Pitch theme changes! Keep up to date for the upcoming themes. By participating you’ll exclusively:

  • Receive specialized coaching
  • Pitch your project in front of over 100 people during a celebratory and fun filled night
  • Get exposure in our newsletter with over 15 000 subscribers
  • Have the chance to win co-sponsoring grants

Theme: Multicultural
Deadline: March 27th 2018


What is crowdfunding?

Simply put, crowdfunding is the process of collecting funds online in an innovative and fun way. Any creative type of project can work! Whether it’s pre-selling physical products, launching a new company, festival, film or community initiative, Ulule is THE best option to get your idea out into the world and most importantly get the funds to execute it!

About Ulule

Ulule is one of the leading crowdfunding platforms in the world, with over 25,000 projects funded. We provide a unique winning combination for project creators: exclusive and expert coaching, proactive local involvement, and most importantly visibility across an immense group of contributors across the world. This accumulates to an overall 65% project success rate, twice as high as Kickstarter, Indiegogo or any other platforms. You can call us a “no-brainer” when it comes to crowdfunding :)