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Time to launch your project!

Ulule shines the spotlight on all entrepreneurial and creative projects from HEC Montréal's community! Are you a student or part of an HEC program? Do you want to test your idea, collect funds, make presales and launch your project publicly? Start your crowdfunding campaign on Ulule and come pitch at the Pitch Pitch HEC Montreal night on May 21, 2019!

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In collaboration with

  • HEC Montreal
  • Parcours entrepreneurial Remi Marcoux
  • Entreprism HEC Montreal
  • Institut entrepreneuriat HEC Banque Nationale
  • Accelerateur HEC Banque Nationale

Each month, with our Pitch Pitch initiatives in various cities over the world, Ulule shines a spotlight on local creators who launch their crowdfunding campaign.

To finance your project or pre-sell items, you can participate in the 'Pitch Pitch HEC Montreal' initiative! You’ll exclusively:

  • Receive specialized coaching to prepare your crowdfunding campaign and get advice on your page's preparation and communications' strategy
  • Pitch your project in front of the crowd during a fun-filled night dedicated to local entrepreneurs and creators
  • Pitch your project in front of the crowd during a fun-filled night dedicated to creators
  • Showcase your product, service or concept to the crowd the night of the event
  • Get exposure during the Pitch Pitch night, on our dedicated website, on our social media and in our Québec newsletter with over 15,000 subscribers

Theme: HEC Montréal! You need to be a student or part of one of HEC programs to participate.
Deadline to apply: May 17, 2019
Deadline to launch your crowdfunding campaign: May 21, 2019

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    National Bank First Prize

    The winner of National Bank and HEC Montreal Jury's First prize will receive 1 500$ on the Ulule campaign

  • bnc-2

    National Bank Second Prize

    The winner of National Bank and HEC Montreal Jury's Second prize will receive 1 000$ on the Ulule campaign

  • bnc-3

    National Bank Third Prize

    The winner of National Bank and HEC Montreal Jury's Third prize will receive 500$ on the Ulule campaign

  • Social Star

    The winner of the Facebook contest will receive 500$ on the Ulule campaign

  • Tips

    All tips collected at Pitch Pitch night will go towards a randomly selected Ulule campaign



  • Why should I crowdfund?

    Makers, entrepreneurs and project makers of all sorts use crowdfunding to pre-sell items or to fund their development ambitions (fair costs, purchasing new equipment, storefront launch, etc). Crowdfunding can be for everyone: the project details don’t matter, as long as you’ve got a creative idea or initiative! Our platform allows you to discover and support original, creative and community-minded projects. Projects are funded only if they reach (or surpass!) their objective.
  • Why take part of this operation?

    It’s simple, Ulule will support, coach and accompany you across the creation of your crowdfunding campaign. We’ll then give you some extra visibility and invite you to pitch your project. Why wouldn’t you participate?
  • Why would I take time to launch a campaign on Ulule?

    For various reasons! Because you want to develop your existing community, to create a marketing boost or to collect funds for a specific project. An Ulule campaign can channel a creators existing efforts in an efficient and smart way.
  • I’m afraid this might be a little bit complicated...

    Ulule’s strength is that we coach and support all projects creators throughout the whole process. Don’t worry, you’re never alone.

What is crowdfunding?

Simply put, crowdfunding is the process of collecting funds online in an innovative and fun way. Any creative type of project can work! Whether it’s pre-selling physical products, launching a new company, festival, film or community initiative, Ulule is THE best option to get your idea out into the world and most importantly get the funds to execute it!

About Ulule

Ulule is one of the leading crowdfunding platforms in the world, with over 25,000 projects funded. We provide a unique winning combination for project creators: exclusive and expert coaching, proactive local involvement, and most importantly visibility across an immense group of contributors across the world. This accumulates to an overall 65% project success rate, twice as high as Kickstarter, Indiegogo or any other platforms. You can call us a “no-brainer” when it comes to crowdfunding :)